Why FirstDown4Ever ?

Athletes have been influential throughout my life.  My great uncle played for 5 of the original 6 NHL teams, where he helped them win 2 Stanley Cups. He was a man with strong character and integrity.  From childhood through my transition from breast cancer champion to triathlete, athletes have been a key source of inspiration and motivation.

As a health care professional, I’ve provided care to many athletes who needed support for health challenges and substance use. Some of their post-sports lives did not go as they planned. As a finance professional, I focused on athlete clients. To stand in front of professional athletes and coaches and help them understand how to take care of their lives (off the field) is truly an honor.

Athletes are experts in teamwork, discipline, focus, resiliency, motivation, optimism and leadership.  They are powerful role models with the potential to motivate others. Children look up to them. They can fill a room. Many are looking for ways to give back or pay it forward.

These experiences and relationships are the “Why” of FirstDown4Ever.  

Initially, FirstDown4Ever focused on athletes and their finances. Recognizing that many athletes are financially broke after leaving professional sports, I gathered information from players, coaches and owners over the years (a book in process).  With the goal of helping athletes preserve their wealth, I found another common theme.

Life After Sports

Overall, professional athletes wish they had better prepared for their post-sports careers. Playing professional sports is an amazing opportunity (First Down). The long term career after sports is where some struggle. A common answer from those I interviewed was “I wish I used my playing years to better prepare ; through networking, skill building, education, relationships, finding my career and purpose.” (4Ever).

The Mission and Vision of FirstDown4Ever is to Partner with Active and Retired Athletes who want to Change the World and are looking for :

  • A Life Game Plan
  • Passion Projects
  • Education and Support
  • Partnerships for Fundraising and Giving Back
  • Internships and Career/Job Opportunities

As a Community Leader, FirstDown4Ever needs you to Partner with Athletes for internships, employment opportunities and fundraising.  

The Sky is the Limit.