I’ve known Diane Miller for over 20 years. She is the consummate mother and business woman. Her commitment to excellence in the financial industry is unmatched. Whether directing a business unit or operating her own franchise, Diane has been the model of professionalism. I whole-heartedly recommend her for business consulting and leadership coaching. Working with her will ultimately be a game changer!

Cedric Jones, Director of Athletics, New York Athletic Club. Former Senior Director, NFL

It has been my good fortune to work with Diane. She was extremely valuable for the completion of my project. She was tenacious, able to handle stress and was incredibly dependable throughout the assignment.

Beth Carpenter, President/Founder, Beth Carpenter and Associates. Former Regional VP, Odyssey HealthCare, General Manager, Vitas Hospice, Senior VP, Olsten & Health Force

I have known Diane Miller for almost 20 years and have marveled at her ability to be a top achiever in every endeavor she has pursued. I met Diane when she was a Financial Advisor in Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch, where she was recruited to the prestigious training program and decided that she wanted to build a client base in the professional sports market. She was initially dissuaded by her colleagues because penetrating this heavily serviced market was extremely difficult but, low and behold, in a few years, she was one of the key financial advisors to several NFL teams, providing value to many clients. Her success was driven by her charisma, high emotional intelligence and her ability to discern what is needed to get the job done effectively. She is also an experienced health care executive and recently took on leadership roles in a large health care system. This included managing and leading a newly constructed hospital – hiring/training staff, implementing health care policies and making sure the facility was able to deliver care as it ramped up occupancy and accreditation after opening. I will say unequivocally that Diane will be an asset as an consultant to any company that needs problem solving-skills and leadership coaching and development. Diane gets the job done quickly and effectively and she knows how to motivate people to thrive in a positive work environment.

Andrew Matteis. Certified Leadership Coach. Assistant Adjunct Professor at Bentley University. Former Global Managing Director, Fidelity Asset Management & Putnam Investments.

Diane helped me four years ago to clarify the components and goals for a project I was just beginning to develop. Her’s were the first substantive contributions to “The Council of Kindness” installation. I will seek her input and advice in the beginning stages of future projects and encourage others to to do the same. Her positive, can-do approach to problem-solving would serve us all.

Scott Harrison. Founder of The Carousel of Happiness, a 501c3 nonprofit organization (the Happiest place in Colorado). Former Director, Amnesty International’s Urgent Action Network.

Diane is a rare and strong woman whom people feel comfortable with & trust. She is passionate about helping others and has an impressive background with expertise in sports, health care and finance.
She has chosen to use her talents and experience to focus on coaching and leadership. She is an excellent resource for those who need guidance & motivation in finding meaning in their work and in their lives.

Shannon Bustillos. C.S.L. Sports Leadership/Management World Rugby, Educator Trainer Coach.

Diane is great ! She was a pivotal person in managing my investments and educating me on how to expand my career. She is one of the main reasons why I’ve entered the financial industry after sports

Manny Collins. Financial Advisor, Stifel. Former Professional Football Player, NFL & UFL