In my dynamic career, I spent many years in leadership roles within the health care industry and was formally trained as an RN and Manager.  On a daily basis, I was taught to solve problems under pressure.  Regardless of the setting, two process models for quality and improvement have been key.  The nursing process follows specific steps for giving patient or community care ; Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation.  Also, the DMAIC cycle has been the center of my leadership roles ; Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.   I use these steps in my career and in day to day problem solving.  These models helped formulate the process I now use as a consultant & coach.  I find this to be a consistent path for success.  

This simple “care plan” can be used for problems big and small.  We start by identifying the # 1 problem or challenge (the business “ouch”).  If the first plan of action doesn’t complete the job, we evaluate the current situation and continue through the steps until the goal is reached. 

In addition to helping you create a clear action plan for your business, I can support your process through many services :

Business Development/Growth

    • Sales
    • Fundraising
    • New Programs & Services
    • Contracts
    • Community Presence/Networking

Mergers & Acquisitions

    • Due Diligence
    • Risk Assessment & Audits
    • Staffing (Training, Transition and Retention)
    • Operational Efficiencies
    • P & L Management & Employee Ownership of it.

Human Resources

    • Staff Recruitment
    • Staff Development & Team Building

Policies & Procedures

    • Development
    • Implementation & Training

Franchise Support & Start-Up (Multi-Industry)

Operational Efficiencies

    • Identifying Rework/Duplication
    • Implementation of New Processes
    • Turnarounds & New Businesses

Quality & Regulatory Compliance

    • Survey Preparation and Training
    • Employee & Patient File Audits

Depending on availability, I may also provide INTERIM assistance while hiring & training new staff (location neutral). 

How can I help you?