About Diane Miller

Hi ! Thank you for taking the time to learn why I am taking on passion projects and partnering with driven people who want to change the world.   

Throughout my career, I’ve partnered with driven people from various industries and organizations.  My leadership roles within these organizations included : for profits and non profits, local to international, private and public, start ups to Fortune 100s.  Over the years, I’ve :

  • Raised millions of dollars  
  • Coached thousands of employees
  • Directed corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Turned failing businesses around
  • Developed and managed new regional and national programs
  • Transitioned facilities and programs/services from start-up to full census, profitability, and accreditation 

In addition, I’ve managed assets for entertainers & athletes, and taught classes to NFL players and coaches across the league.

I also hold an RN license which I keep active and in good standing.  This allows me to give back as a nurse several hours a month.  Volunteering has always been a part of my life.    

The Turning Point

Like many executives, I lived and loved the abundant career opportunities that came my way.  I’ve had amazing mentors, teams, associates and clients who taught me much.  As a resilient thriver and an advocate with common sense integrity, no problem or challenge seemed too big.    

For years, I dreamed of owning my own business.  A much needed trip to Alaska with my daughters, where we kayaked alongside whales and hiked remote glaciers accessed by seaplanes, solidified this dream.

And then, shortly after returning,  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

Immediately, I told my doctor that dying was not an option. So my medical team and I made a plan to aggressively beat cancer. With the help of health care professionals, teammates, coaches, the Vince Lombardi Foundation and others, I transitioned from a breast cancer champion to a triathlete within 5 months.  

A Renewed Sense of Purpose

I then vowed to take my decades of growing & rebuilding organizations to help others fulfill their vision and mission.

I also made a decision that the location, size, and industry of my clients is insignificant.  Skills, expertise and strengths are easily transferable. What does matter is that I surround myself with driven people and organizations who have a passion not only for growing, but also for changing the world for the better.   I have much to be thankful for and incorporating this into my business model is a priority.   

Because Life is too short to do meaningless work!